Yesterday after the workshop, took an uncharted path through Australian bush of suburbian Perth to the City Beach on the Indian Ocean. After about a mile of stepping over dead twigs and tropical-looking grass, I walked out onto an empty beach.

Two signs: one said - Live Firing Range (a Navy base, fenced off to the left); the other - No Nude Bathing, and a (real life) nude guy laying right beneath it. No one else in sight for a mile to the right or to the left. I found a spot, changed and entered the Indian Ocean for the first time in my life (it's winter in Australia, technically speaking).The sun was on the way to its hide-out behind the horizon.

So, I watched the sun set (melt) while standing in the water, barraged by slow but intense waves, and then hoofed back to the nearest bus stop (about a mile away). Ordered a glass of red wine and a kangaroo fillet. Watched teenage surfers chase one last wave around the rocks.

And then ran to catch bus #82 to go back to Perth.At a bus stop a drunken aboriginal guy in a long wool winter coat and Adidas track pants was surfing the asphalt - literally, acting like he was surfing this and that way, his bag sitting on the ground by the bench. Bus arrived and we boarded - the two of us on the bus.I realized he forgot his bag and we stopped the bus that just started to get the bag. He heaped incomprehensible praise upon me, with the accent too thick for me to understand. Then a few minutes later he started surfing again, now on the moving bus and totally splayed out on the floor. I gathered him up - coin change, a wallet, stuff from his bag; got him up and told him to sit down and hold on to the railing. He obeyed - a good natured drunk.

Then, a stop after a stop, the bus filled with five stunning Australian ladies - for a moment I wondered if I am a part of some kind of show. People are more beautiful in Australia, that's a fact. The surfer left, got out of the bus, tried to surf the asphalt a bit again, squatting on his legs and bouncing up and down, waiving at me, as the bus moved on.

I finally got off in downtown - they call it CBD (central business district), grabbed some cherries and coconut water from a grocery store and headed back to my hotel.One more day left in Perth - today - my Australia tour is coming to an end. Tomorrow - back to Sydney and then off to the States.

It's been quite an experience and I think I am coming back next year; the company seems to want me to, the audiences were receptive to my training, and the country is a veritable treasure trove of the exotic, beautiful and raw.