Language is But a Tongue that Kisses Itself

We are hopelessly hypnotized by language. Call it language samadhi. Take the case of lips. There are no lips. First of all, "lips" are not two - "lips" are a lip. Open your mouth, look at it in the mirror: do you see one circular lip or two lips? The lip - the one that surrounds your mouth - is an uninterrupted element, just like the rolled up sleeve on your sweater. Second, this singular surrounding lip is not a stand-alone feature or stand-alone organ but the roll-out of the interior of your mouth. Sure, you can make an argument that I am splitting hairs. Alternatively, you can peel apart the veil of linguistic hypnosis that has us in a trance. We come with categories, then we give them names, and then we orient ourselves towards these categories as if they were the one and only way of representing reality.Read my lips: there is a reality outside of language and it's just a tad different from the one that rolls off your tongue... Language - mind you! - is but a tongue that kisses itself.