As we search space for humanity, we will surely encounter many a sentient life-form. But I am doubtful that we will find humanity per se. Humanity is a neurosis, a disease of consciousness that stems from self-consciousness. What happened here on Earth is utterly idiosyncratic. A certain genetic tribe of apes decided - for whatever reasons, foraging (?) - to get off the trees. As we hit the ground, our skeletal architecture started to change. As we became Homo Erectus - upstanding bipeds - female pelvis became weight bearing and lost elasticity to dilate for birth. As a result, we - as a species - were forced to give birth prematurely to make sure that the head of the fetus would clear the uterus on the way out. So, as a species, we are all prematurely born. Because we were being born prematurely, we required supervision - i.e. babysitting - i.e. culture. And that put a major wrinkle into our collective development - as offspring, we were insecure and self-conscious, in an Adlerian sense. And as parents, we were forever fucked up because we now had to abandon the self-serving animality of our being and step it up to an emotionally supressive way of being in which we had to learn to control ourselves. Subsequently, we became a species that starts out with neurotic insecurity in childhood and is then - during parenting - forced into neurotic self-negation. This is the crux of humanity. Humanity is neurosis. Will we find it elsewhere in the Universe. Probably. But more likely than not, we'll keep bumping into worlds of prospering self-unaware sentience. The Universe - I think - is at a baseline totally Zen and we are the fucked up exception, destined to feel invalidated by each and every encounter of the alien kind. Non-neuroticism is alien to us, neurotics. In sum, we'll find plenty of sentience but seldom, if ever, will we stumble upon the neurotic kind of sapience that we call humanity.