Review of Wayne Liquorman's "Never Mind" - Never Mind this Review

Whatever you are seeking is right here, in this book. Whichever way you are seeking it is a misguided detour, a doctrinal springboard into a volcano that might or might not erupt. You might fearlessly dive in, head first, or cautiously rappel down into this apophatic abyss, the volcano might or might not erupt, it might or might not burn out your "you" to whom it is a "me." It is my suspicion that there are tens of thousands of us who get it - legions of us who can read a book like that and get it, get every word of it, every subtle reference - and yet still not get "it" experientially. Wayne would tell you it's because there is no one to get "it." Nor is there an "it" to get. I read Wayne's book (just like I read UG Krishnamurti's "Mind is a Myth" and tons of others) and I both got it (intellectually) and didn't get it (experientially). My "me" is still here. I travel this world with a suitcase of notes - from minds like Wayne's - dragging the baggage of "know-how" with "me," and yet still a "me." Never mind this review. Write your own.