A little ramble.From a non-dual perspective, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology are simply different points of view on one and the same Oneness. Philosophically synergistic conclusions ensue: sensation (as in touch, sight, hearing) is just an elaboration of chemical valence. If viewed deeper - ie less dualistically - we can think of physical forces - such as force of gravity or magnetism - as vectors of wellbeing. You kick soccer ball up into the sky and it comes back down. Why? Because it... wants to. Why does it want to? Because, made of Earth, it wants to return to Earth. And/or the Earth wants it to return because it - Earth, collectively - wants to stay together just like you do when faced with a prospect of being quartered. Is this a force of gravity or a force of attraction/attachment? Perhaps, it's nothing more than a linguistic distinction - a distinction that is an artifact of our particularizing/partitioning point-of-view.Like a broken record, you might accuse me of anthropomorphizing on the grandest scale - not just committing the forgivable sin of anthropomorphizing a pet, but anthropomorphizing everything - from atoms to black-holes. Of course, I am anthropomorphizing. Operating from a nondual perspective, I have to (since human/inhuman or animate/inanimate are but dualistic scissors that we cut the Oneness with). The living matter that is Universe enlivens itself. It has to - who else would do the job when there is no-one else outside of it to do it?! Unborn and undying Oneness calls itself a billion different names - it calls itself "matter" and then studies itself through microscope and macroscopes. It calls itself "consciousness" and then studies itself through meditation and prayer. All these are misnomers. Oneness is nameless. The whole cannot be experienced in its totality so it has to study itself in its parts. And so suffering ensues.