Anthropomorphized Immunology

One of the most essential chapters in the manual of being is immunology. What is needed is anthropomorphized immunology - the obscure language of immunology needs to be translated into relatable terms. Phagocytosis is just eating. A resident microphage is just a "big eater" who is sedentary, who sits around in tissue/in place, awaiting something to munch on. A neutrophil ("food-lover") is a nomadic opportunist, a rolling stone of sorts, a scavenger on the go. A lymph node is but a mini-kidney, a mini-spleen blood purifier. A lymph node can be envisioned as a school cafeteria where various immune cells (infection-eaters) gang up around segregated cafeteria tables ... Lymphocyte activation is just a trick of living geometry - imagine a splat-of-a-cell with some protein protrusions (arms/hooks/branches) ... These appendages are used to capture a bacterium, like grappling hooks, in a kind of velcro-lasso method ... When contact is made, when a passing bacterium is captured, the ever morphing, amoeba like outer surface of an immune cell forms a pseudo-mouth and engulfs (i.e. takes in) a bacterium organism. This very mouth then becomes a vacuole, i.e. a little temporary stomach, a digestion chamber. We also need to help explain why hunger is important, and why movement is important and why sugar is not helpful. When there is sugar in the bloodstream phagocytes (infection-eaters) don't have to hustle, they don't have to seek out their bacterial prey, they just live high off the blood stream. Movement helps b/c lymph system doesn't have a pump, so by moving around you force the flow of immune cells into lymph node cafeterias where they can encounter bacterial cells to eat. My point is that there are some basic ways of understanding these immunologic dynamics and we need to drop the Latin and start speaking English (or whatever native tongue you speak) so as to help us get a better understanding of these living essentials.