No Things, No Processes

There are no living things, only living process.  But what is a living process?  A process - any process - is fundamentally a form of metabolism, a form of exchange, an ongoing act of trade of "this" for "that."  If all living things are just living processes, how are we to understand ourselves? If you and I are but processes, if you and I but ongoing acts of trade of "this" for "that," what are we to identify with - with "this" or "that"?  

A living process... A process that wants to continue... Why does it if it's not an "it"?  If it's not a "this" or a "that"?  

"What wants to continue?" is a thing-focused question.  The "what" of this question is about a thing.  But you and I aren't things - as processes, we are exchanges of things.

The only answer that make sense to this thing-less thing that I call "me" is in the Nondual Living Oneness of All That Is.  There are no things.  There is no "this" or "that" because the whole thing-less thing is one, not two - a Oneness not a Multiplicity.  

Thus, a "process" too is an illusion. 

No living things, no living processes.  

No non-living things, no non-living processes (since "living and non-living" would be a duality, but reality is one, not two).

What is left there if there is no "there" - in a Oneness that is an omnipresent, boundless "here"?!

What ontological mechanism could possibly explain dream but dream itself?