Buddhist Psychology/Impermanence + Vedic Psychology/Permanence

Every life-form that passes in front you also passes in front of itself.

(I'm talking about every and any life-form - a neighbor, your kid, an ant on the sidewalk.)

Namaste to it all: to all that is inside and outside, to all that passes in front of you and in front of itself.

To all that passes, internally and externally, inter-objectively and intra-subjectively - namaste.

360 degrees of Namaste!

And to all that remains the same - in me, in you, in everything - to You too - namaste!


It's curious, isn't it, that not only do we pass (change) in front of each other but that we also pass (change) in front of ourselves.

The you that you were a moment ago has now changed.  And if there had been someone to notice how you changed, the two of you would have been sharing a similar reference point of permanence.

The Buddhist psychology of impermanence of form is half the story.  The Vedic psychology of permanence of essence is the rest of the story.

We are always changing and yet there always something in us (something ineffable) that remains the same.


Notice what changes and notice what remains the same.