A man asks on a forum: is Buddhist (as institution) corruptible?

My answer: "Jiddu Krishnamurti might be your man: "Truth is a pathless land." And I'm sure you'll be reminded of Gautama's own iconoclastic pointer that we have to do our own homework. As for the cycle - yes, inevitable, in my opinion. Any institution is eventually a subject to corruption. Buddhism too is an industry (and, as yet another run-of-the-mill psychologist-popularizer of buddhist and vedic psychology, I too have been benefiting from this troff of awakening). West has been churning out its own lamas as it once did Model Ts... Wherever there's money, there will be corruption. Comparatively speaking, Buddhist institution policies itself through a doctrine of non-attachment. Reality-checking rascal sages also help. Be well, fellow mind and no-mind."