Kappalbhati: Shining Skull

Now, I am not talking about Crystal Head vodka, although I have owned more than one bottle. I am talking about the practice of kappalbhati. Rudolph Ballentine, in Radical Healing, explains:

it's "a breathing exercise that exaggerates the throwing off of wastes during exhalation. It's done in a sitting position by sharply contracting the abdomen to create a forceful out breath. The inhalation is more relaxed. The is done in a rapid repetition, and is said to cleanse the blood and leave the forehead radiant."

Kappalbhati translates as "shining skull." 

Ballentine reminds us: "Exhalation is a more important route of excretion than you might have thought.  [Exhalation] is the preferred route of elimination of volatile wastes - those that easily vaporize and leave the bloodstream as gases."