Hum-ful Snorting at Paper Tigers

"If something is making you mad, honor that anger. As you breathe out, make a "grrrrr" sound, like dogs do.  This lets your body know that you are aware of the threat.  Don't try to make it go away, just breathe with it [breathe along with the threat, that is - p.s.]." (Lori Roche in Breath Taking)

In my workshops on anger management, when I talk about the so-called "bottom-up somatic self-regulation," one of the techniques that I mention is hum-ful breathing (exhalation-focused breathing). And then I demo various natural permutations of it - such a sigh of relief, hmm-ing (the sound you make when you are not sure), humming proper (nasal breathing) and my favorite - the hum-ful snort, the "grrrrr" or "arghh" that Lori Roche notes above. 

As a species, with Ebola and wars and all that cataclysmic jazz, we are still safer than we have ever historically been.  Surrounded mostly by paper tigers, however, we keep overreacting - tricked by our paranoid skinthink and dispositional attribution bias.